Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Little Geron or Little Lydia?

Yesterday was our March appointment and I had some blood work done. We also
heard the heartbeat again, yea!!! As far as we know, there is nothing wrong
with the baby, so our official ultrasound will be on April 3rd. Then will
see if you all are going to be graced by a little Lydia or picked on by
miniGeron! (both parts of that were a joke.) I'm kind of hoping for a girl
at this point, but definitely not a mini-me! Geron jokes about hoping the
baby gets my temperament. In some ways that is all well and good, but the
stubborn and angry streak that sometimes run in me---Whoo boy! I don't think
I could handle it!! My mom says I was a good baby--I'd sleep pretty much
anytime she laid me down. I can still sleep pretty much anywhere at
anytime. The benefits of a mini-me is that she would be laid back, quiet,
independent, and able to entertain herself about anywhere. I could handle
all of that. The cons is she would want HER way, things would have to be in
a specific order and she would have to be informed way ahead of time of any
changes in her routine--we're talking months and years here, people, oh and
if she ever discovered how to climb up on the piano bench, well we'd have to
invest in millions of earplugs. The benefits of a little Geron are his
humor--he'd be hilarious!--, extreme curiosity, a hugger (believe it or
not), a singer, and he'd know some of the best ways to do things. The cons
of a little Geron would be his humor , he'd be so curious that he'd start
trying to take the t.v. and computer apart and then he'd start working on
the cell phones and stereo and kitchen equipment, and he wouldn't go to
sleep without being rocked for at least two hours and exactly the right way,
and he wouldn't sleep when anyone else wasn't sleeping, and if I tried to
sing him to sleep he'd put his little hand up to my mouth and nod his head
"no". So, we're in for it either way, I guess. Seriously, though, we will
have a ball with whoever shows up!! I can't wait until April 3rd!! I've been
told to drink a large mountain dew before the appointment because caffeine
has "ten times" the effect on babies as it does on adults. Okay, I wasn't
told that exactly, but I was told that it would get the baby moving so we
could find out what we've got. Instead of Mountain Dew, though, I think
I'll take it a step further and have an Ale8!


Geron Brown said...

Actually the wonderful KY Mountain Nectar called Ale-8-one is actually lower in caffeine than most soft drinks.

per 12oz

Mountain Dew 55 MG
Diet Mountain Dew 55 MG
Code Red Mountain Dew 55 MG
Mello Yellow 51 MG
Diet Coke 45 MG
Diet Ale 8 44 MG
Mr. Pibb 40 MG
Dr. Pepper 41 MG
Diet Dr. Pepper 41 MG
Pepsi 38 MG
Ale-8-One 37 MG
Diet Pepsi 36 MG
Coca Cola 34 MG
Barq's Root Beer 22 MG

Anonymous said...

Wow. I had no idea about those values. Good info to know though. You never know when you will need a little "pick me up".

And Lydia, you don't need that stuff. The pictures can be seen without it, as long as baby wants to cooperate. Bryan would NEVER give us a peek as to whether he was a girl or boy. therefore, he was a surprise (and a nice one at that!)

I can't wait to hear the news... I am voting "boy".

Love you both- make that All 3~!

Anonymous said...

Okay, then, I'll take a Super-size mello yello in sonic ice!! Geron, if you can find that anywhere, you are the husband to beat all husbands!! (you are anyway, and I love you!)

Anonymous said...

Make that a FOUNTAIN mello yello--not a can or bottle!! It tastes the sweetest from a fountain!

Anonymous said...

If you drink too much caffeine, then Melon-y will be in a whirl, and we'll have no idea at all what s/he is until s/he makes its appearance! Personally, I don't care whether you have a boy or a girl, as long as the baby has curly red hair. Love you.