Sunday, March 19, 2006

Not just me much longer

It is now starting to dawn on me that my life is about to change drastically
in 5 months. Now when people start talking about anything after September
1st my immediate thought is "I'll have a _ month-old then." For example, we
have a Christmas banquet in December and I thought "Geron, we'll have a 3
month old then." SO, it has occurred to me that anything I want to do by
myself or with Geron I need to go ahead and do now because I won't get
another chance until 2030! (I exaggerate, but really--things are going to
change majorly!)

I confessed to my good friend, Holly, this week that I want to be just me
for a little longer. Maybe I'm being selfish, but as my body is changing
and I am continually reminded of the person who is on the way to my house
and becoming part of my family-I just get a bit overwhelmed. I just want to
go to the movies or hang out with friends until 11:00 p.m. To be free to go
wherever I want with or without Geron just for a few more months. And to
have an occasional day that is committed to talking about anything but baby.
This probably sounds like I don't love this baby, but I do VERY much. But I
understand from my friends who are parents that you need "me" time, too.
And right now, I just want some of that while I can get more of it than I
will when the baby arrives.

Soon we are going to find out just who exactly in joining our family. I'm
sure things will get even more overwhelming then. Perhaps this is all just
hormones. Any of you mothers who are reading this, please tell me what is
going on here and why I am feeling this way. Any of you fathers who read
this, please tell Geron what is going on and why I am feeling this way and
what he can do about it. :)


heather honaker said...


when you find out who exactly is coming, you will be thrilled, excited, joyful, excited, ecstatic, excited! :)

you do need "me" time and both of you will need "us" time after the baby comes. and the first time you go somewhere without the baby, you might feel a little guilty, but you still need to do things without baby brown.

molly's almost 5 now, and believe me, "us" time has been really helpful the whole time. now, it's so bad that when we go to visit nathan's mom, once we get there molly asks where daddy and i are going. she gets mad when we tell her we are staying there too!

i'm praying for you guys are you get ready for this amazing little creation that God is giving you.

i love you!

heather honaker said...
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Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

"Adult" time is very important, both for you and Geron as a couple and for you alone. If I remember correctly, as you become more and more aware of "baby brown", you will become more introspective about how your life will change and what you want to get accomplished, as well as the changes taht are occurring within your body.

I'm still struggling with getting "me" time. I feel guilty if I don't want Jamethan to go somewhere with me, yet he drives me insane sometimes! But I love every minute of it. Get plenty of "adult" time now. Baby Brown will pretty much control your life until you get him/her firmly established in a routine.

And a word of advice: After baby comes, if the baby sleeps, Mommy sleeps. Don't even think about trying to do chores while the baby naps. You'll turn into a walking zombie. And don't keep the house super quiet while baby is napping. If you do that, the slightest little noise will wake him/her up. Run the vacuum, play the radio, turn on the TV or whatever so the baby gets used to sleeping with background noise.

Keep us informed!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Boy, do I remember the need for "me" time when your brother was new! I had a routine where he would go to sleep at 2 and sleep until around 4 (that's pm, not am), and that would be my time to watch soaps and eat popcorn. I really got concerned when day light savings time reared its ugly head, but you know what? He started going to sleep an hour earlier! That surprised me.

You were never a problem in that regard--all I had to do was put you to bed and I had all the me-time Everett (and Glynda) would let me have!

Love you--take care of yourself and Baby.