Thursday, March 2, 2006


I realize that most of you come here to keep up with what's going on in my life, but lately I seem to be having difficulty being creative. My recent issue, has kinda taken the joy out of blogging for me. It usually is a kind of therapy for me. It keeps me sane. Lately, whenever I begin to write a post, I mentally put on a filter that prevents me saying anything that could be interpreted even mildly offensive. Although this is probably for the best, It kinda ruins the experience for me.

You should know that no one has approached me personally about the offensiveness this blog previously contained. I guess whoever was stirring the pot moved on to meddling with someone else's private life. Of course you would think that if someone was truly concerned about me, they would have come to me personally. Those of you that know me well recognize that I'm typically pretty thick skinned about criticism, but this really hurt my feelings. I guess it's the thought that someone that I see at church on a weekly basis who is friendly and everything, would spread it around to other members of the congregation that I was putting obscene things on the internet. It really bothers me that someone would even think that, much less tell people that. I doubt I'll ever know who was spreadin' stuff and causing problems for me. It's probably for the best.

I know you guys don't want to hear me whine. I'm actually very blessed. I just thought you might want to know what was going on and why I haven't been very fruitful lately.

FYI: during the course of writing this post I deleted several sentences that I thought would look like I was "lashing out". I also had to delete several words like "cowardice" judgmental" and "Pharisee".


Anonymous said...

in my humble opinion... it sounds like you've got of those people in your church that likes to gossip and likes to be in everyone's business. We all have them, it's a shame that this one ruined one of your creative outlets. He/She should probably take a good hard look at themselves, and if they did, I don't think that they'd be able to cast the first stone... or even the last stone.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad that you put those last 3 words back in because they really apply to this situation.

Keep writing, Geron. I miss your wit on the internet.

Those of us you know you and love you know your heart. Some people just like to stir up trouble. Don't let them control your life.

Anonymous said...

i'd just like to say that i agree. no more words are needed other than the two comments above.

Anonymous said...

feel free to tell me this in email or whatever, but why Pharisee? I know that word, but can't put a thought behind it. :(