Tuesday, March 28, 2006


so they show last night was slamming! And even though it was a late night for an old married curmudgeon like me, it was well worth it. I was quite curious to hear whether their unique sound could be pulled off well live. And the answer is... Oh yeah!! They rocked my face off!!

i got turned on to mutemath almost a year and a half ago, and i grabed their Reset EP that was available on iTunes. A couple of weeks ago when i heard that they were going to be here I vowed that i would make the show at all costs. I downloaded their new album using an undisclosed p2p app. But before you go calling the RIAA on me you should realize that the new album is only available at the live shows and through the mail. So to stay legal I bought a real copy last night. They have kinda been in a squabble with their record company.

They show was made only better by sharing it with ben, chris, and jeff.


Anonymous said...

Glad your face was rocked off...wish I could've been there.

Anonymous said...

Go back to the concert venue and see if anyone's found your face. Ha

Anonymous said...

Not your face!!!! How will we recognize you!?!??!!

Glad you loved the concert!