Saturday, May 6, 2006

Let the festivities begin

I feel like I've just had Christmas in May!! My school gave me my first baby shower this week. It was a joint shower with my friend, Victoria, who is due at the beginning of August. We had a ball! Baby girl got lots and lots of outfits, some toys, a book, some blankets and burp cloths, photo albums, bibs, and a couple of decor pieces that go with her bedding. After the shower, I took everything home to show to Geron. We went to the nursery so I could put things away as I showed them to him. Well, I think Geron understood that the clothing and bibs and such were not for him, but he had a hard time with the Woozit. He asked me to toss it to him and he played with it for the LONGEST time. I think I will need some people to come wrestle it away from him when Baby Girl finally arrives. Either that, or we'll just have to buy him one of his very own.

I'm discovering something new with this shower stuff, too. Its fun to receive presents, but it is even more fun to receive and open presents for someone else. (I'm not referring to the present of Victoria's that I tore into--Hey, it was handed to ME!) In some ways I feel like the same as I did when I was little and got new clothes for my dolls. In other ways, this is all becoming more real to me. THere is actually a baby on her way to our house and people want to celebrate that with us. Its a great feeling!


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait until the shower here.. how about the end of June??? I think that Sue Ellen and Pam both said that worked for them, and it does for us too! I love you all and can't wait to see you. We will make more definite plans when we are there soon.!