Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Waiting and Wondering

YIKES!! Though I knew it, it was wild to see how close we are getting to baby's arrival! I'm two thirds of the way there and nowhere near being ready. Well, ready for her, but her room and things aren't ready. I only have about 120 diapers and I've been told that those will last me the first two weeks, MAYBE.

Believe it or not, not everything is scary right now. I'm actually looking forward to quite a few things. Such as:

1. Dressing her up in all her cute outfits--my favorite is a light pink bubble. It just might be her
baby dedication outfit.

2. Painting her little toenails and fingernails--probably wait on that until next spring since her
little tootsies won't be showing that much during the winter months.

3. Just holding her and playing with her. Hearing her laugh. I can't wait for those first smiles--
even if they are caused by gas.

4. Watching her sleep. Watching her and her daddy sleep while he's holding her in his lap. Oh,
special picture moments.

5. Seeing what she's going to look like. Are her eyes going to be blue or brown? Hair: brown or
red? Curly or straight? Olive complexion or pink? Boxers or briefs? (Couldn't resist)

6. Watching her respond to new people, especially our really good friends and family. What will
she think of her grandpa's beard? or her PawPaw's goatee, or cookie duster as our Pastor
calls it. How will she respond to Granny and YaYa? Or her aunts and uncles? I hope she
will be a happy baby who takes well to all kinds of people.

I can go on and on and on and on. And I'm sure I will as the date gets closer. I anticipate a crazy
existence, a world turned upside down, but an AMAZING amount of Joy that will outweigh anything else. Why God is choosing to bless us with her, I don't know, but look forward to finding out. Its wonderful to know that she was designed to fit perfectly into our family and I can't wait to meet her.


Suze said...

heh, 120 diapers...don't buy any more just yet, because if you happen to have a big baby (like we did), you might end up with a size too small and be all frustrated when they don't fit...i'm just sayin'

ann said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!! I know what she's going to look like. She'll have blond curly hair at first, and it'll get darker and straighter as she gets older. And she'll have a funny little nose. No, I'm sure she'll be gorgeous, no matter if she takes after you or Geron. You were both gorgeous youngins. I think you should post some pictures of you and Geron as babies! I think you were the cutest baby that ever existed! (And I'm glad you didn't take my idea of naming the kid after the word verification on your blog, because today it's shxeocdd. but it does remind me a little of sleadd. that's not a cute baby girl name, either, though.)

Tooz said...

Brown eyes. Not much of a chance of anything else. They'll be dark, dark blue at first, then by the time she's two months old, they'll be brown. The hair? That's a toss up. She gets the red gene from both sides of the family (Grandaddy was a red head). More than likely, it will be curly. Who really cares! She will be beautiful and much loved. Love you, too.

PS Just pray that she doesn't have four legs like Jenn's brother's son. That is so sad.

Suze said...

LOL, tooz. We used to joke that Daniel had 4 feet because we put socks over his hands so he wouldn't scratch his face.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Don't necessarily assume she'll have brown eyes! My mom had dark brown eyes and my dad has light brown/yellow eys. My brother has dark brown eyes, my sister had dark brown eyes.... But I have light eyes that change between blue, green and gray! I'm a throw-back to my grandmother or great-grandmother. Jamie's biological dad had dark brown eyes, as did his mother, father, sister and brothers - yet Jamie still got MY EYES (in fact, I think Jamie got EVERYTHING from my family - tee hee hee). So, you never know what flukes genes will pull when it comes to babies.

And Suze is right about the diapers; better wait until she's born. Jamie was 8 lbs, 9 oz when he was born, so the "newborn" diapers didn't fit him! We had to cut a hole in the regular diapers to accommodate his healing belly button.

Love ya. Talk to you tonight!

Anonymous said...

I used to lie awake imagining what Bryan would look like, and he exceeded everything that i could have dreamed of! He was perfect! Your baby girl will be too, and you will find it impossible to imagine her turning out any other way. She will be your beautiful blessing. by the way... i agree about the diapers. 120 will last you long enough.. if you are gonna buy more, start buying bigger sizes now. I stocked up when I found them on sale.

ann said...

what is a light pink bubble??

Lydia said...

1st--the diapers are a size up from newborns. My friend B.J. gave them to me as a baby gift. Pretty thoughtful, I'd say. I'm guessing little one is going to be bigger than newborn size diapers anyway, since Geron and I were both more than 8 1/2 lb babies.

2nd--Mickey and SueEllen, some good friends of ours, have the same coloring as far as eye, hair and skin color as Geron and I. Jake, their son, came out looking very much like Mickey--blue eyes, blonde hair, although he can give you the eye like Sue Ellen any day. So baby girl may not necessarily have brown eyes.

3rd--a pink bubble, Ann, is kind of like a romper. Its short sleeved but doesn't have pants. There are just leg holes at the bottom with a ruffle around them. Very cute little outfit. Don't worry, you'll see it plenty enough. :)

ann said...

oh my gosh i'm gonna eat that little bubble up and steal it and bring it to my apartment and hide it in a basket. she is going to be my new favorite thing, i know it (i know she's not a thing, but neither is daniel, and he's my favorite thing right now)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Jamie used to have a bunch of little blue bubbles. They are soooooooo cute. Especially since you can see their little chubby legs. You just want to gobble them up whole!

(Okay, I admit it, I want another baby someday!)

Lydia said...

No favorites, Ann. You know what happens when you play favorites. What will happen when YOU have a baby or Everett gets married and has a baby? Then, who will be your favorite? No favorites. Just love her lots and lots and please don't eat her up. I would miss her.

Tooz said...

Lord help us all if Everett has a baby! I'm sure you mean his wife. Anyway, what chance would the child have for a normal life, with a name like Grassy or Downinda?