Monday, May 29, 2006

the "olden" days

My mother-in-law and I were talking about delivery and pain meds. She asked me if
I was going to have a "saddle block" ? If you know what this term means or
think you know what it means, please reply. I have a good idea of what
she's talking about, but I thought it was such a funny term. I'd like to
see what the rest of the world thinks of it.


Suze said...

it sounds like maybe that's an epidural? they inject painkillers into your spine so the bottom half of your body has essentially gone numb. I was planning to go all natural, but i was stuck at 6cm after 20 hours of back labor, so i finally got an epidural and it was GREAT. (well, actually, it wore off of one side after a couple hours, so that sucked, but the anesthesiologist re-did the meds and then i felt better.)

Anonymous said...

a saddle block is a pain block that is effective only from approximately the rear end down! It gives relief from childbirth pain without being numb all over. However, from my time in nursing school, I did not see a lot of difference in pain levels with those who had "saddle blocks" versus those who had epidurals. I am not sure that there is a lot of difference between them actually.
I highly recommend something as the pain can be pretty gruesome. But that is a choice that you ahve to make and be comfortable with. I felt the worst of it in my legs; others complain that it was their backs. All I know for sure was that I went as long as I could without anything, and I have never felt guilty for getting the epidural!! ha ha ha

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Am I the only one who's noticed that since we started discussing "ripping", "stitches" and things involving needles that the (very) few men who used to post on here have disappeared? LOL! I think we scared them off! :-)

ann said...

i still think you should name your baby after your blog. today the name suggestion is "Fpalchve." I would pronounce it "Palk-vay." I think that one soulnds Swedish, too. She could be "Vay" for short, or even Faye. Maybe it sounds a little Yiddish (like Oy ve.)

Lydia said...

Ann, it is time to move beyond baby name suggestions. We've got one we're sticking to unless she doesn't look like it, but I guarantee that she will not look like a Fpalchve. What is wrong with you?

ann said...

Didn't you read the posts i wrote on the "rose" one? anyway, i'm glad you guys have a name picked out. i didn't know that. i'm so excited to meet her and find out her name. why won't you tell me what it is? just curious, you don't have to.