Friday, July 14, 2006

The Dummy Went and Hurt Myself

So I'm a dummy. Apparently there are things you shouldn't try to do when you're expecting that I do anyway. I confess--I'm a very stubborn girl. (Mom, Geron, Ann, People, stop shouting your hoorahs so loudly!) I don't listen too well to ideas that aren't my own. (PLEASE, PEOPLE, QUIT CHEERING AND LAUGHING) So here's what the dummy has gone and done to herself. As you know from reading this blog, Geron and I sanded the nursery windows Monday. I, having never sanded before, thinking as long as I'm wearing my mask nothing can happen to me, tried to do my part to help get the job done. I watched what Geron did and tried to do the same thing. Of course, Geron is about a foot taller than me and can reach places easier than I can, but I just assumed I was doing the right thing trying to sand from top to bottom of my side of the windows. When we finished, and it needs to be said that Geron Brown worked a lot harder than I did for sure!, I felt fine, just tired.

The next day was the big surprise day--Geron painted the windows and put the furniture together with his dad. That day I was feeling a little ache in my right side, but figured it was just a growing pain. I made the beds in the nursery and set out some toys to make it look like home for baby. I also happened to pick up the rocking chair and move it at one point... and move the changing table at one point... and move the crib at one point... If Geron had been in the room, HE WOULD NOT HAVE LET THAT HAPPEN! So, don't blame him for my foolishness. In fact, when he saw what I had done, he gave me a good lecture about taking care of myself and baby and how moving that stuff around was NOT doing so.

So, Wednesday came and I still had that pain in my side. I took tylenol, went to work and called the doctor's office. By this point, Geron said I'd probably strained a muscle and that it wasn't just a growing pain.

Then, Thursday hit and I was in major pain last night. My sweet husband brought me a heating pack and put it on my side. I slept halfway through the night. Then, I got up and reheated the thing, and made it til the alarm went off this morning.

Today, I called the doctor's office again and asked to speak with him or his nurse directly. Finally, I got them! I have an AWESOME team taking care of me, by the way! Nurse J asked me what I could've done on Monday to hurt myself (the pain had started Tues, morning before the furniture moving). She said I probably over extended myself by reaching to do the sanding over my head. She confirmed Geron's opinion, that I had most likely strained the muscle in my right side and told me to stay off my feet as much as possible until it heals. In the meantime, I'm using a heating pack, taking tylenol about every 4 to 6 hours and wearing Geron's abdominal binder from his surgery. Dr K said it was okay to do so as long as I didn't wear it too tightly. Dr. Geron's orders have been to keep the phone with me at ALL times, to wash only the things necessary for this weekend, and though HE didn't say it, "to be less stubborn!" (Oh, and to get my bag ready for the hospital.)

AND DON'T WORRY, BABY IS FINE! She's still moving around, kicking, doing her usual thing. In fact, she's been such a good baby to keep her kicks to my left side only. I might give her a treat for that when she gets here.


ann said...

Poor sister. You are such a giver, it's hard for your to even think of taking care of yourself when somebody else needs help. I'm sorry you hurt yourself. Please be nice to yourself. Take it from the rest of us, you deserve it.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Yes, please. Because now that you are getting close to time, by overdoing it you could actually hurt baby girl. I was stubborn, too, when I was pregnant. My momma put it to me this way: "If you won't knock it off for yourself, then do it for the baby."

We love you. Get some rest! I guess no working in the school office for you, huh?

Suze said...

oh lydia, i can sympathize. when i was 7 months preggo with daniel i got muscle cramps in my chest so bad i couldn't breathe. i had never been in so much pain in my life (well, two months later i experienced labor...) and i ended up calling urgent care in the middle of the night. the next day i spent sitting on the couch trying to breathe without hurting and then got an hour-long massage which finally helped about 24 hours later.

so take care of yourself, PYFU and feel better!

Tooz said...

Now we match--well, almost, I'm not pregnant. I'm under Dr's orders to stay off my feet too, but I don't have to keep them propped up, just stay off them. We're still planning to come next week. I hope you feel better soon. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Take care of yourself...methinks that would be hard not to be able to do everything you're used to doing! Love ya bunches!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Okay, that's really weird. There's another Jennifer out there who uses the same "catch phrases" I do. I know I didn't write that, because I wasn't online at all last night. But "methinks" and "love ya bunches" are things I say all the time. I'm confused now.

Of course, it's not that I don't love ya bunches, because you know I do. And I DO think it would be hard not to do things you're used to doing for yourself. I'm just really, really freaked out right now! Mysterious "Jennifer" out there, please identify yourself before you drive me to the looney bin! LOL! (but still really confused)

Geron Brown said...

that would probably be my cousin.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Hope you're feeling better today!