Tuesday, July 18, 2006

He's Crafty

I knew my husband was multi-talented when I married him six years ago. Many of you know what an incredible singing voice he has and have also had opportunities to see him act or hear his public speaking skills. He's quite humerous, too--I've got a great catch, definitely!! Computer whiz, Mr.Fixit, you name it. I hear stories from his family of the young "inventor" Geron and all the many contraptions he would come up with for performing different tasks. He's still very creative and I've recently learned, crafty. (My husband, who can't stand craft shows)

Yes, this all leads up to something baby related. He and his Dad went out to buy valances for the nursery Tuesday night. I wasn't feeling good, so I put my one request in. " Color: white. Other than that, get whatever you think will look good. " Geron has good taste, so I wasn't worried. He came back with white tab-top valances and rods to hang them on. Good job, Geron. After they were hung, we got to talking about different ideas to liven them up and Geron suggested buying pink ribbon to go across the bottom of all of them. I was thinking "yeah, if you want to sew it on there because I don't think I could do it straight." The rods they hang on fit in three little pegs that stick out from the walls and I thought it would be good to tie ribbons on those pegs. So, we set out to Hobby Lobby and bought pink ribbon with white polka dots---goes with the bedding perfectly. My brilliant man used fabric glue to add the ribbon on to the bottom of the valances and they are SOOOO O Cute!!!! We'll have to post a picture, I know. Then I tied the three bows
above each window and I love it. Its amazing what just a touch of color will do. Geron picked up some little butterflies at Wally World the other night and is probably going to attach them to the valances somehow. He's crafty, folks! Who knew?


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Awww... I can't wait to see it! How are you feeling today?

Anonymous said...

Looks like this calls for more pictures.....I can't wait to see the completed baby room.