Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Vacation (The Devil Went Down to Georgia)

Atlanta was a great getaway! Geron and I went down with his parents and
stayed for two nights. We spent most of the time in the hotel
pool--perfect! I spent lots of time with my feet propped up--on a noodle,
on the pool steps, floating, on the side of the pool--you get the picture.

On Sunday night we drove to Stone Mountain, GA. I'd never heard of this
place, but apparently its a misplaced ROCKY Mountain....Well, its just
exactly a big, stone mountain. It boasts the world's highest relief carving
on the side. I've forgotten what the scene is, but I think its soldiers on
horseback. Anyway, this place is known for their laser light show they
display on the side of the mountain. They show different cartoon type videos
on the side of the mountain with music playing in the back ground. One was
"The Devil Went Down to Georgia." I think this one was especially
appropriate that night for the following reason. Since this was a last
minute decision to go and see, we didn't get very good seats. We wound up
sitting on very HOT pavement way far back from the show. It took us awhile
to even find these seats and I was starting to get rather hot. Well, once
we sat down, I pretty much lost it. I was utterly miserable and thinking
"Somebody say 'Let's go Home. Please, anybody!' " I had a psycho chic break
down and started crying and couldn't stop for awhile. Geron recommended us
going back to the van and waiting in the air conditioning until it was over.
(turns out we should have because we actually had a better view from the
van.) Geron, Preston and I remained on the sidewalk, though, and Patsy sat
on the step of one of those binocular type stands that you put a quarter in.
Directly in front of her, on the wall, sat a little kid who kept farting.
So, needless to say, we stayed for maybe 30 minutes of the show and then
left. We grabbed some cool treats at Sonic on the way back to the hotel.
My sonic Cherry slush combined with about 2/3rds of Preston's coconut one
was the best thing about THAT particular trip.

The rest of the vacation was really good, though. We spent more time in the
pool--the last two times we were in it, we had it all to ourselves--that
rocked! We taught the parental units how to play one our favorite games
"Hand and Foot". I'm not so sure that was a great idea because the in-laws
got to see a side of their daughter-in-law that they didn't know existed.
Yes, I can be a very sore loser, especially to beginners who cheat and don't
even know they're cheating. I'll just say that this is a partner game and
someone assumed that because you have a partner you can show your partner
what you're holding. THose of you who play this game will know what I'm
talking about. I still love her, though, and would play again with the same

Coolest thing about the trip--BABY GOT HICCUPS!!! I woke up in the middle
of the night the second night we were there and felt what seemed to be a
singlel kick coming every 4 seconds or so. It finally hit me that she had
the hiccups. She got them again yesterday, right after supper. And when we
finally got home last night and went to bed, I think she realized how
comfortable I was and got REALLY active. Vacation was good and any one
after this will never be the same.

P.S. I bought a pair of Crocs. Geron was with me at the checkout and told
the clerk "Anytime she tries on a pair of shoes without crying, I buy them
for her."


ann said...

Super cool. I think it's awesome that we went to the same place the same weekend. Isn't it funny? And there's something about Stone Mountain that makes an icee fifty times better. I'd probably like to go there in the fall, but in the summer it's TOO HOT!!!

I'm glad you got crocks. They seem like the perfect pregnancy shoes. What color did you get?

Geron's so sweet with your pregnancy woes. I'm proud of him. I thought that was funny what he said about the shoes.

Becca said...

Any comfy shoes should be purchased at this time. I'm thinking of getting a pair, and I'd never heard of them until my sister mentioned them. Apparently, they're very popular with nurses because of the comfort factor. And that's so cool about the hiccups!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Jamie got the hiccups a lot when I was in the last trimester. In fact, he got the hiccups when I was giving birth to him! It was definitely an "interesting" experience! LOL!

Anonymous said...

If i don't cry, do you think that Jeff will get me a new pair of shoes??? maybe I will try it... hmmm...

Glad your trip was good. I have to say, though, that I am jealous that you played Hand and Foot with someone else. I feel cheated!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

What is hand and foot?

Anonymous said...

We did the Stone Mountain family vacation one year. It is a big mountain with not much else to do! We climbed to the top to say we had been there and saw the laser show and that was about it. Not the best vacation ever for us!

Anonymous said...

Hand and Foot is one of the funnest card games ever!! But I would never be able to explain it to anyone! Lydia will have to do that!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Hey, Lydia! When are you going to post pictures?