Monday, July 24, 2006

Relying on Someone Greater

I'm having mixed emotions as I blog tonight. Good thoughts--our church gave us a shower yesterday and it was WONDERFUL!!!! I was a little overwhelmed by the turnout of guests and the extremely nice gifts we received. I mentioned in our service last night that I was blessed to be part of such a church BUT even more thankful for God seeing my needs and meeting them above and beyond what I can imagine.

Today, God showed me a different way he would meet those needs. We had an ultrasound this morning and got to see baby again. She looks good!! Her lungs are working and she is appearing to weigh about 6 pounds give or take. AND she's DEFINITELY a SHE! We also found out that she is laying sideways. Her head is on my right and her feet often kick me on the left. I knew pretty much that she was in this position and until today it hadn't bothered me one bit. However, we found out that my fluid is kind of low. The level is about 8--which means its a little low is all I know. If it goes down to five, we'll have to have an emergency Cesarean. I asked if there was anything I could to do raise the level and Dr.K said I could drink MORE water and keep my feet up as often as I can--pretty much sit around and do nothing but drink water. This late in the pregnancy, most babies have turned and are head down. There is only a 15% chance that she's going to turn and with my levels being low, the doctors won't be able to ''help" her turn, at the risk of hurting baby or even me. So, it looks like I'll have to have a c-section even if we make it til the end of August.

As you faithful readers know or could imagine, my finding out that a cesarean would probably be most likely, shocked and scared me. I could feel the tears just ready to pour out as I learned more today. FORTUNATELY, I have a wonderful doctor who was willing to answer any questions I had and help calm those fears. And an even MORE WONDERFUL husband who immediately moved to my side and explained to the doctor just HOW scared I was. I've only had four stitches in my life, and those were in my knee. SURGERY!?? I was hoping I would never have to face the possibility of it happening to me. Now that it's real, it hit hard.

The good news is IMMEDIATELY God began filling me with a peace--once again meeting my needs beyond my imagination--letting me know that things will be okay. I've trusted Him for a healthy baby and everything so far has been good. He saw us through the first scare when my progesterone levels were low. He pulled me through some colds and muscle strains and baby stayed fine. And now, if I have to have a cesarean, I know He will see me through and calm my fears and anxiety. I'm continually amazed at how God's word affects us in different ways throughout our lives. Last night, after the shower, I thought of how God sees our needs and wants to give us those things. It seemed to be a more physical need that I was thinking about at the time--stuff for baby and such. The Lord brought this verse to mind, but I believe He gave it to me for what happened today and not so much yesterday's concerns. Hear it is:

"My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:19

Yesterday I thought "He's giving us the things we need for the baby. Thank you, God." But today, more than anything, I needed peace and calm and my Savior knew that and provided immediately. Sometimes we learn the hard way what a MIGHTY God He is that we serve, but I am thankful that at least I've learned.


ann said...

Peace, strength, and love are glorious riches, indeed. We will pray for you. We love you! Thank you God, and thank you doctor, and thank you Geron.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...


You and Geron have been in my prayers, but I will add this concern to my list, and pray that God continues to lift you up and strengthen you during this time.

So does this mean you won't be teaching when the semester starts?

Anonymous said...

Read Isaiah 41:10.... it is good stuff for your current situation.
I am praying and I love you

Anonymous said...

Love ya'll so much. We'll be praying for you!