Sunday, July 9, 2006

Hot headed

I'm actually not referring to my temper here. Its my hair--or was. I'd let
my hair grow til it was almost halfway down my back. And for the last year
or so I've been wearing it in a pony tail or hair clip. While its a kind of
easy do, I was very bored with it and it was getting quite heavy and making
me hot. Around February I started saying "I'm going to get my hair cut."
I'm sure people finally got tired of it and said "Yeah, whatever. We'll
believe it when we see it." Well, I took the plunge Friday. A good church
friend of ours is a hairdresser and she told me I could come over to her
house and she'd cut it for me. I armed myself with a picture of something I
wanted it to look like and headed over.

For most people, getting a haircut is just a regular thing you do about
every 6 or 8 weeks. You have a standing appointment with your stylist and
they know exactly how you like it. For me, it is GRUELING. I don't care
who the stylist is or how good their reputation is. Naturally curly hair
can be a major pain and sometimes you run across those people who don't know
what to do with it and you leave the salon looking like you have an afro.
So, needless to say, I was nervous, nervous, nervous. When we first moved
to Chattanooga, my hair was as long as it was just recently and I let a lady
chop it all off--above my shoulders. It actually turned out really cute and
for a few months I had regular appointments with her. Then I decided I
wanted to let it grow back out. But now, with baby on the way and the
summer air being as hot as you know where, I needed to have a lot less

So, I arrived at Chris's house. Her husband, Warren, gave me a can of diet
coke and then I sat in "the chair". I sat there for two hours, about, and
when Chris was finished, I stood up and made the long walk to the mirror. I
was a little scared, but then I saw that hair I had right after moving to
Chatt. and LOVED it! I feel like I've lost 5 pounds!! And, to see all the
hair that remained on the floor after the cut, you would believe I'd lost
that much and more!

The nicest thing about having my hair this short is that I rarely get
tangles and it takes maybe 10 minutes to fix, counting the blowdry. Even
letting it dry natural doesn't take all day now. (No kidding, there are
nights that I've gone to bed with my hair STILL wet, even after I'd used a
blow dryer on it that morning.) And best of all, when baby gets here and my
hands are full with her, I can set her down for 10 -20 minutes, do the
routine, and be ready to go. YEA!!!!!!! I'm glad I've made the change.


Tooz said...

Picture, please--let us see what the new and improved Lydia looks like!

Oxer Terpul

Anonymous said...

YES, I want to see pics too!!! i love your hair short!!! i remember when you did that living here. can't wait to see.

Suze said...

yeah, if you like your hair, show it to us!
and i'm glad you're enjoying it now, because after the baby comes you might not care what it looks like. some days 5:00 rolls around and i'm like 'uh, did i brush my teeth today? i really don't remember..."

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Oooh, I wanna see pictures, too! And, Suze, on the weekends, sometimes I'm STILL like that, and Jamie's EIGHT!!! LOL!

ann said...

I'm jealous. I need a haircut, too. I started to give myself a hair cut two weeks ago, and after butchering my 'bangs,' I decided to wait for a pro. Hopefully I'll get to go soon.

I like your hair when it's short like that. It seems like it would be such a burden to have so much hair, even though your hair is awesome! When it's short like that it looks more carefree. I think it looks more professional, and cute, at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the request for a picture.

Joyce, Mom's friend