Sunday, September 17, 2006

2 new nicknames for Cora

Our baby girl showed us she can accomplish some amazing feats this week. The other night we put her down to sleep in the middle of her crib, between her lamby sleep positioner. When she woke about an hour later, she was at the EDGE of her crib--thank God for whoever invented the crib bumper! This incident(and several like it since then) has earned her the first nickname--Scooter.

For her second nn, she really didn't DO anything. I merely put her down to bed in her fleece sleepsack around 11 last night. I awoke to baby peeps and cries this morning at --get ready for this people, this is big--almost 7 AM!!!!!!!!!! nickname? SLEEPING BEAUTY!

**UPDATE by Geron**
apparently mommy doesn't remember getting up at 2:oo to feed baby, but daddy does. So the nickname will have to go to mommy instead.


Anonymous said...

I have called Bryan "scooter" ever since he was about 2 years old. He used to dance to that country song "Boot scootin' Boogy". I don't even know where he heard it first, but a guy at our church then used to sing it , and Bryan would dance to it. So...he was dubbed "Scooter" and it stuck! I still call him that sometimes, although he doesn't like it as much now... too cool for that kind of thing. We still call him 'Beezer" though. I think that will stick forever!

ann said...

That's cute, Geron. Lydia and I are both pretty heavy sleepers, apparently. Last night, Daniel and I watched a movie, and after about 5 minutes of fighting it, I informed him that I was going to sleep. He told me today that he got bored watching the movie by himself and licked my face, twice. I asked him what I did. He said I smiled and kept on sleeping.

Tooz said...

congratulatons to the father, mother, and husband of such sound sleepers! Love you all.

Geron Brown said...

If you would like to discuss topics other than the ones chosen by the site managment... (that's Lydia and I)