Monday, September 11, 2006

Cora is a funny little girl

Little Miss Cora seems to consider herself a lady, but she doesn't appear to have any manners. I love watching her. She cracks me up! I never realized newborns could be so funny.

First of all, when she's awake, she likes to cross her legs and lay her hands across her chest, kind of in a prayer-like position, fingers intwined. When you say something to her, she often closes her eyes, raises her eyebrows and gives you that "OH, REALLY? IS THAT SO?" kind of prissy look. She behaves herself very very well in church (sleeps mainly, but for a baby, that's behaving.) And when people hold her, she snuggles with them and kind of grins from time to time. She thinks she's a lady, I'm sure.

But this little peach has her moments and they crack me up. I'd say she takes after her "Annie" and even her "aunt Holly" in some regards. Well, I guess I must admit, she takes after me, too, in this area. She burps LOUD! And she doesn't say "excuse me". She expects us to tell her "That's a good one, Cora.".... She also poots LOUD. These really make me laugh. She lays in your arms looking ever so sweet, hands and legs crossed politely and then SUDDENLY, she opens her eyes really wide, puffs out her cheeks (I know they're allready pretty fat) throws her arms up in the air, kicks her legs out straight and lets the loudest one you think you've ever heard. And then, she sweetly returns to her previous position like nothing ever happened. Sometimes she'll even look up at you after its over with an expression that seems to say "What?"

Cora seems to know when people are talking about her, too. Especially when she's asleep. Someone will say something cute about her or say "She's so beautiful" and she'll kind of open her eyes a little and look up at the person and sort of grin. She also has a habit of opening her eyes and rolling them back in her head while she's sleeping. And somehow this action seems to occur when Geron and I talk about plans we have for the day IF ALL GOES WELL...Its like she's saying "Yeah, that's what THEY think they're gonna do. Wait til they see what I have in store for them."

Geron likes to sit Cora on his chest, face to face, --cutest thing that seems to happen around our house--and they talk. They were sitting this way the other evening and Geron said "Cora, smile at Daddy. Show Daddy a smile." She paused a second and then made the HUGEST frowny face. It was hilarious! I think she's got his sense of humor (and you friends from the BSU know--his gas.)

I enjoy her sooo much! She sleeps, she cries, she eats, she poops and wets, --can't read yet, Grandpa, but we're working on that one--she even grins from time to time, and even though its probably gas, its cute. She sneezes and coughs and cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. She wakes us up in the middle of the night yelling at the top of her lungs "LAYYYYYYY! LAYYYYYYYY! LAYYYYYYYY!" which means "I'm wet, I pooped and I'm weally weally Hungry!" She's a beautiful baby and we are so in love with her.


Becca said...

I seem to recall a certain mommy who was quite the champion burper.

I burped the other night--belched, really, a soda burp that I didn't expect to be quite so loud-and CJ imitated it. I thought Tom was going to wet himself he was laughing so hard!

Anonymous said...

We are the few and the proud.... I am so glad to have passed on my belching skills to your precious little girl. They will take her far! And for the record, it was the belching that she got from me... not the gas! ha ha ha!

Lydia said...

yeah, holly, I didn't make that very clear. the gas is allllllll her daddy!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Ahhh, takes me back to the days of lukewarm dr. pepper belching contests! Gas in all its forms is funny.

Lydia, I just wanted you to know I still love ya! I haven't called in a while because I was afraid you and little miss would be napping, so I didn't want to disturb you. Love ya bunches!