Friday, September 1, 2006

Survivor: Chattanooga

We've made it through the first week of life with a baby and we are POOPED (and pooped on.) Even with everything I've been through, I can say with the rest of the world's moms "I would do it all over again just to get this beautiful baby."

I wish I were more eloquent to be able to express just what a week we've had without using the words "Awesome, tiring, extreme joy, frustration, precious moments,etc." Cora is a wonderful baby. She has a very sweet disposition and cries only when she's about to poo or mommy is late on feeding her. Big appetite, this one has!

My mom has been here all week babysitting me and Cora while Geron works. It has been a bonding experience like no other. We have an entirely new relationship now as I have now joined the ranks of motherhood. She's taught me a lot this week about feeding Cora and comforting her at 3 a.m. Thank you, mom, for taking such good care of us. Her leaving was hard for both of us, but there comes a time that I have to start learning things for myself.

Geron and I are ready to start this parenting journey together. We are adjusting to waking up to cries and peeps. Geron has seemed to have figured out the codes for poopy diaper, hunger, and "Will somebody pick me up allready?!!!" I am still working on them.

As for my recovery, the worst part has gone I think. I had my drain and staples removed Wednesday. I yelled and cried like a baby. Its a very good thing I didn't go through regular childbirth afterall.

Cora and I are blogging this together and she just made some buisness transactions in her pants, so we'll be going now.

Thank you for loving us and praying for us. We love you!


heather honaker said...

you're right. babies are tiring. EXHAUSTING. but they are so worth it. i'm still amazed when i look at molly now, i mean...she's in kindergarten! and to think, i'm getting ready to have another one! i know it will be tough, getting through the nights, but it will be worth it every time i get those little grins, little laughs.

congratulations again, she is beautiful!

Tooz said...

Tell Cora Sophia that she can just leave that stuff in her pants--Granny will change her when she gets back down there. Love you all.

Scott said...

Okay... I'll take my business elsewhere... I don't believe I'll be making any withdrawals from Cora's deposit box.

heh heh.