Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy Days are Here Again!

Cora seems to be having better days this week--and me, too. YEA! I must admit my last blog entry was typed at about midnight or midnight thirty when I was exhausted and Cora wasn't. Yesterday and today have both been good days for me with her. Her gas doesn't seem to be as bad--at least its not lingering IN her tummy as long. She hasn't been incredibly fussy either day. She really is a sweet, good baby all the time. I'm just a new mommy learning about babies--I've never had to take care of one 24/7.

I try to be sure she knows I love her all the time, even when she is fussy. We pray together when she wakes up in the mornings and when I put her down for bed at night. Of course, she basically can only say "ooooee Aahhhh" kinds of sounds, but I know God knows what she means. I say a prayer on her behalf so she can learn how to say real words to God later on. We're learning to pray throughout the day, too, when she's having a hard time or when Mommy is frustrated or hurting. I want her to know her Jesus is there to hear her WHENEVER she needs Him, and especially when Mommy or Daddy can't tell what she needs.

She's calling me now, so I better see to her. I've got a great little girl. Thank you all for your advice.

BY the way, my lactation nurse from the hospital called yesterday and told me about a support group for nursing moms that meets at the hospital. I'm going to check it out.


Tooz said...

I think that the support group will be terrific. I have only been involved in a few support groups over the years, but they always met a need for me. Love you, and I'm sooooooo glad things are going better.