Tuesday, September 12, 2006

going to the doctor

Yesterday we noticed Cora had started wheezing. Her breathing had been sounding congested the last couple of days. So, when the wheezing started I got worried. We made an appointment right away and headed to the doctor's office.

Cora has a wonderful pediatrician. The Lord has really blessed our family with great doctors in all areas. Her doc has about 30 years of experience under his belt and used to be head of pediatrics at the children's hospital here, so we are well pleased and comfortable with him. He examined our girl and, in my words here, said there was nothing to be concerned about. If she has trouble breathing while eating we're supposed to give her a saline treatment in her nose. He also told us to invest in a coolmist humidifier for her room. We bought one on the way home. As for the congestion, if it sounds like its in her chest, but we can't feel it resonating there , then we need to make a new appointment. For now, our pumpkin is fine and her mommy is just a woory wart.

In other baby news, I think I'm ready to take some friends' advice and turn off her monitor at night. I was once an EXTREMELY sound sleeper, but now I wake up at every tiny peep. It seems Geron and I have traded places. He wakes up to her cries and gets up and changes diapers. I wake up if her foot pats the matress. This morning, Cora was wide awake at around 4:30 0r 5 and wanted to be held. Geron, being the sucker I told him he was going to be, got her up and the two of them went to the living room to watch t.v. I think he'll be sorry for that later.


Becca said...

We never used a baby monitor. We thought about it, but CJ's room is next to ours and I became hyper-attentive to every move even without the monitor. Still am.

That's great that you get such great care from your pediatrician! Cj's office is great, too--I only wish mine were as attentive.

heather honaker said...

we didn't use a baby monitor either. and i'm not using one this time. that was one of the best pieces of advice given to me. believe me...if you're baby's not happy, you'll know. with or without it. :)