Monday, February 20, 2006

Can you hear me now?

I'm so excited!!! Today was the big doctor's visit--we got to hear the
baby's heartbeat!!! YEA!!! I was afraid we wouldn't get to hear it, but he
or she showed right up, beating at 164 beats a minute. WOW!!! I didn't
cry. I guess I probably laughed because it was so fast and I just didn't
know how to feel. I think Geron was a little doped up from his dentist
appointment this morning, so he didn't seem as responsive as I thought he
would be.

In a month I'll go back in for blood tests to screen for downs syndrome and
other potential defects. Whatever happens, termination is not an option.
We've been praying for a healthy baby and know that we serve a faithful God
who won't give us more than we can bare.

We should be able to find out whether baby is a boy or girl at the first of
April. I think we're going to plan to find out, but if for some reason,
little one doesn't want to show us, we may just wait until he or she is born
to know. I don't think either of us has a preference really. Sometimes I
think I'd like a girl, and other times I think I'd like a boy. As long as
the baby is healthy, it really doesn't matter. (Although, as far as
agreeing on nursery decor, it might be better if we have a girl since we
have such different ideas of what we want for a boy.)

For those of you who are wondering and haven't asked, we're not having
twins. One baby showed up on the first sonogram and one heartbeat showed up today, well, aside from mine. I think Verizon should make a new commercial of a mommy holding a phone to her belly and the daddy holding his phone saying "Can you hear me now?"


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