Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Apparently, just about every blog I read, has been taking a little break. Of course I have too, but I wanted my baby post to be on top. I saw this today, and now have to find one

Imation Flash Wristband

"The Imation Flash Wristband redefines wearable technology design by combining a portable flash drive that doubles as a wristband. Durable and stylish, the Imation Flash Wristband is the new, convenient way to transfer, share and save digital files. Whether it's homework, photos, graphics, music or e-mails, it's all protected beneath a flexible blue or black rubber shell. Always at the ready, the 256MB Flash Wristband is the indispensable, go-anywhere accessory for the everyday professionals and consumers.

Available in blue or black, the Flash Wristband design features a durable rubber molding that fits conveniently around your wrist, plugging into itself and protecting the drive from accidental damage or loss. Simply "unplug" the wristband and plug the drive into the computer's USB port."


Anonymous said...

That's awesome, I want one, too!

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting all this time for this???? Geron, Surely there's more going on in your life--I KNOW THERE IS- other than net surfing and Baby. Tell me something else, really!

Anonymous said...

sorry, dude. that's cool and all but i'm with lydia on this one.

Anonymous said...

They sell them at Target.

bs - you have very little room to talk, man... when was the last time you updated your blog? ;)