Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An ATT Commercial

Isn't it ATT that had the jingle "Reach out, reach out and touch someone..." ?  Well, whoever it is, I've entered that stage.  So far, only coworkers and fellow church people have wanted to rub my tummy.  I thought I would absolutely hate this, but I really haven't minded.  Probably because I know all these people pretty well.  However, I've heard horror stories about strangers coming up and touching bellies in the supermarket or the mall.  I think I may have to smack those folks.  That, or just rub them right back and say "how do you like that?"  Whatever the case, I do understand the wanting to reach out and touch a rounded belly.  In college, I knew a guy who had a tummy that looked like he had a basketball under his shirt.  I remember talking to him one day and as I started to walk away from him, I reached out, patted him on the tummy and said "I'll see ya later."  I don't know WHAT came over me that day. 


Anonymous said...

I'm like that too with bellies, and bald heads. Yesterday at Kroger, I had a little toy race car in my hand that I was about ot put away, and I ran into an old bald man who's kind of a buddy, and I seriously was tempted to drive that race car on his head. I can't believe I was able to stop myself. See how mature I am now? Then, today, there was a little old man with one of those net john deer hats on sitting on the very top of his head, and I wanted to poke it right in the middle, but I stopped myself again. I can't stop myself with bellies yet. I'll try not to reach out and pat yours in the wedding. Love you.