Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a musical legacy

Geron got me thinking on whether our daughter would be musical or not.  I'd say growing up in this house, she doesn't have a choice not to be.  I must admit, I have a fear, though.  So far, the only person she hears sing is me.  Nuff said.  I don't doubt she'll be able to carry a tune, but will it sound good?  I think I better have Geron start singing lullabies to her.


Geron Brown said...

She has heard me!!!

She also got to hear the remaining contestants on American Idol sing the hits of Queen last night.

Anonymous said...

Did she get to hear Kenny Rogers on American Idol the week before?? If so, she is AOK now! He IS the ultimate American idol in my book!

Anonymous said...

Honey, you sing just fine. You don't hear what you sing, you know; it always sounds different to you. Love you.