Friday, April 14, 2006


There are some things that people don't warn you about before you decide to have a baby. These are namely changes that happen to your body. There are the obvious pot belly, and "the spread" (what happens to your backside). Then, you get pretty stretch marks on your tummy--some people are fortunate and get the white ones that barely show while others look like they've drawn squiggly lines up and down there stomach and sides with a purple magic marker. (Thankfully I haven't experienced those, yet, and hopefully won't) Next, you have what my sister likes to call "cankles" which is where you can't tell where your ankle ends and your calf begins because your legs are so swollen. ANd then there's the return of the know, the belly button you had when you were six, only its a lot bigger now. There are unmentionable changes and hair texture changes (I like mine hair right now, by the way). And then you have the retreat to middle school years---ZITS!!! I actually don't remember having a big problem with zits ever. I had really good skin. But now, I get the pretty pimple on the chin look weekly. Lets see what else.... oh, dry skin-my friend April would tell me my legs are "ashy". I'm dealing with these changes as they occur, knowing that many of them will go away after baby girl arrives. However, there is one change that I'm afraid will be permanent and I am not enjoying it in the least. Geron has named it "Frodo feet". PEOPLE, YOUR FEET GROW LIKE 1 or 2 sizes LARGER when you're pregnant. ADOPT!!! (I'm kidding about adopting) But be prepared. I allready have an oddly proportioned foot being that the front is very wide and the heel is very narrow. And my foot is not very short either. I think the only shoes that might fit me comfortably right now are crocs. I've been told that your feet stay that way after the baby has come. My friend, Laura, has three boys, and she said she grew a shoe size after each one. Men, this may be a small issue to you, but for ladies, the larger your foot, the less cuter shoes you have to choose from. UGH!I guess my mom and I are finally discovering that half my doctor's prediction when I was a baby is true. He said I'd be five feet tall and five feet wide. I think he was referring to my feet!


Anonymous said...

I was a size 6 shoe when I got pregnant. Now I wear a 7 (still can fit in some 6 1/2). That was good for me because size 6 always looked like little girl shoes. However, there are never any size 7's left on the shelves.... will my whining ever end?????

Anonymous said...

Okay I wasn't a size 6 shoe, but I WORE them!!

Anonymous said...

Post some recent pictures so we can see how you look now :)

Anonymous said...

So the crocs are working? I saw a thing on Today the other day about plastic surgery on your feet--you might want to look into that. Love you.

heather honaker said...

one word:


well, i guess technically that's two words.

flip flops are the greatest shoe. EVER.

and yes, i'd also like to see some recent pics too!! love ya!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

The "Earth Shoe" brand at Wal-Mart are really comfortable and come up to a size 12. Some are cute, some are not so cute, but when you are preggers comfort is the thing!

Also, JC Penney carries some cute wide width shoes up to size 12 (and they aren't too expensive when you catch a good sale).

My feet went from an 8 wide to a 10, but now I can wear anything from an 8.5 wide (depending on the style of the shoe) up to a 10 regular. Just remember, baby girl will be worth it, and you won't even be thinking about your feet - you'll be obsessing over what cute little shoes to put on HER feet!

Love and hugs! See you next month!