Wednesday, April 26, 2006

pregnancy has its down days

I KNOW for other people that pregnancy can be quite difficult--the morning
sickness, preeclampsia, hair issues, feet issues and what not. If you've
asked me up until yesterday about the pregnancy, I've told you that I feel
great and things are going sooo well... but that was up until yesterday--
when "THE HEADACHE" hit. At first, I didn't even mind the headaches, but
yesterday's was different. I had a headache begin when I got home from
school--about 4:30. It gradually worsened throughout the day. I tried to
go without meds, but last night I was in HORRIBLE pain. I took two tylenol
and laid down on the love seat. I felt relief for about 15 minutes. Then,
my lower back began to hurt and by hurt I mean "throb" like a kidney
infection. I sat up and walked to bed. I cried my eyes out in pain for
about 10 minutes. Geron, my wonderful husband, asked if there was anything
he could do to help, but there was nothing. Finally, I went to sleep and
woke up feeling good this morning. I guess its all a part of growing pains.
My next doctor's appointment is days away, so I'll check up on things then.

Until then, I am resolving to drink more water--Geron's orders, as well as
many friends'. I know I've been hard-headed about the water buisness, but
yesterday I learned my lesson. Besides that, its supposed to help with my
foot problems, too.

Something to look forward first baby shower is coming up quickly. I
think we will probably register this weekend. And, I'm hoping we've finally
found some nursery decor that we both


heather honaker said...

hey lyd...if anyone knows about bad headaches, it's me. try a hot or cold pack on your head. either one will help. and get geron to massage your neck and back on a regular basis! after all, you are carrying his little girl! :)

glad to hear you are feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

Please call your doctor if you feel like that again. I don't care if your appointment is the next day, he needs to know when you are hurting. I don't remember headaches in any of my pregnancies. Love you.

Geron Brown said...

Her headache is not caused by pregnancy. She takes 2 allergy medicines that dry her out and she refuses to drink enough water. That's a sure-fire recipe for a headache every time

Anonymous said...

Lydia, I agree 100% with Geron on this one.. you can't blame baby girl for this one. DRINK THE WATER!!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

If you hate the taste of water, like me, then drink Propel Fitness Water (by Gatorade). It has vitamins and minerals, and has just enough flavor to get rid of the icky "dusty" water taste, but not be too sweet. I like the lemon best, personally. Another good one is Dasani flavored water. My favorite on that one is raspberry.

Anonymous said...

I like nestle flavored water, and it's sweetened with splenda. I also like the kroger carbonated flavored waters like momma and daddy drink. It's kind of like drinking pop. Plus, they make crystal light in individual bottles now. I think it's worth the extra expense to take care of yourself. Also, everybody expects you to have to pee all the time, so don't worry about that. you just take care of my sister and my niece. Love you.

heather honaker said...

propel is the best! i like grape and kiwi-strawberry. and, yes, not enough water is a real cause of headaches. but even if that is what caused it, geron should still rub your neck and back on a regular basis! :) glad you are feeling better! love you!