Friday, April 7, 2006

flickr friday

If i don't get a break soon, I'm gonna crash.

well i mentioned a few posts back that the heavy funk i had been in was dissapating. I think i just need a vacation. It seems like Life has just been soooo busy lately. We finished up revival this past wednesday, and once easter is over I will have a little more breathing room. i think i may take a few days off. I've never really had many mood swings till recently, maybe it's a getting older thing


Anonymous said...

Maybe the mood swings are sympathy hormones for Lydia


Anonymous said...

I was kind of thinking the same thing, except I figured it was father-to-be blues. You all really need to take a break--maybe take a weekend off, so that Lydia can relax, too. Love you, and had a nice visit last weekend.