Thursday, June 22, 2006


I know that your thinking, " why would we care?"

One year ago today, when I first typed those fateful words that rocked the world, was my first blog post.


Anonymous said...

So are we supposed to send gifts? What do you give for a first blogiversary? Love you--wish you'd post more often, but understand that you're busy.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! I'm glad you put the blog up, even though you met me just once years and years ago, or else I wouldn't have found Lydia last year when she emailed me.

Well, I could have found her through Classmates, but I would have had to fork over some cash, so thanks for the free hookup!

Anonymous said...


now look what you've started.

oh, and you can keep this anniversary all to yourself. i won't try to steal it.