Tuesday, June 6, 2006

childbirth class

Last night Lydia and I went to our 4-hour childbirth class. It was pretty cool. We got to watch a video of a live birth. I got to see Lydia freak out as the video showed the delivery of the placenta. I think Lydia must have been really tired, because she kept asking questions that the teacher had just answered. for example:

Teacher: "any more questions?"

Lydia: "how far into labor can you get an epidural?"

Teacher: "good question, i haven't answered this yet. As far as 10cm dialated, as long as you can hold still for five minutes."

Lydia: "So how long does it take to get the epidural?"

Geron:(rolls eyes and giggles)

Teacher: "... uh about five minutes."

Near the end of the class we took a tour of the facility. It was sweet. Everything goes on right in the your room. It looks like a sweet high end hotel room, and then at the flip of a switch, hidden panels open and instrument panels are revealed everywhere.

Now to all of my critics...I obviously do not have time to blog as much as some of you do. Some of us have jobs that require a great amount time and attention to maintain.

employment + not having time to blog = GOOD

lots of time to blog + starvation = BAD


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I didn't think it was criticism, merely an expression of our desire to hear from you what your thoughts and feelings are about impending parenthood. I didn't intend for anything I said to be construed as criticism. Sorry if it was interpreted as such! (Oh, wait, I'm not supposed to apologize so much. I'm sorry, I forgot!)

ann said...

i'm glad geron's back! (in all his glory!) i just wish you'd blog as much as you used to! Not 12 times a day, just maybe once every other day, or so! a smart man once said that you can just email your blog, and it'll post for you.