Friday, June 9, 2006

My funny husband

I'm glad I'm married to someone so hilarious! And I think right now,
everything is ten times funnier than before we were expecting. Well,
there's just that more to make fun of and laugh about now. I tell ya, God
showed his sense of humor when he brought the two of us together. And He
knew what I was going to need to get through this pregnancy without turning
into a psychotic monster. (Yes, I've had my moments, but it could be a lot
worse.) I didn't want to share a certain story when it happened, but now I
think its pretty fun to laugh about so here goes.

Let me say first, maternity clothes are made for growing room--all types of
maternity clothes are made for growing room, fellas. One particular day, I
was folding laundry. Geron was passing through as I was folding a certain
item of clothing and said, just like it was a normal thing to say "Those are
some BIG panties!" At first, I was in shock at what he said and he just
stopped right where he was standing and waited. He got this look on his
face like "Uh oh... Did I say that out loud? She's gonna kill me. She's
gonna burst into tears and start screaming and kill me." I just looked at
him not knowing what to make of what had just come out of his mouth and
then...I just busted out laughing. Right now I'm laughing so hard thinking
about it, I might just pass out! It amazes me what really grates on me and
what I'm able to let slide by.


Tooz said...

Did you notice that someone changed the name of your blog? Now instead of the Brown Baby Blog, it says, "Never Compliment a Pregnant Woman." Love you.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Your husband is very funny. Like I said, some days the hormones make you cry, others they make you laugh like a loon. The really fun days are when you do both at the same time!

ann said...

i like having a husband that's so funny that you can get your sides hurt laughing just thinking about him, too (and other friends and memories that do that).