Tuesday, June 6, 2006

return of the geedi

I'm not typically political. I usually hate political discussion as a form of entertainment or letting everyone know how informed you are. I was a registered as an independant in KY, and it isn't required to register with a political party in TN. I come down on both sides of the aisle depending on the issue. However, in he past few months I have really been making myself aware of how the bigwhig hollywood types are affecting lawmaking in D.C.

I became aware of this group through my favorite podcast TWiT or "This Week in Tech". They are bringing much needed attention to legal issues that affect many of us geeks. I even went so far as to send them a donation. They have a really groovy way of getting the message out including, firehatch.com, and the "Your Senator Needs An Ipod" campaign. Check out their site.


Anonymous said...

that's silly.