Tuesday, June 6, 2006

...And now you know the rest of the story...

Yes, Geron got quite a few laughs at my expense last night. He didn't mention the relaxation part of the evening. We (the ladies) all had to lay down on mats and practice our breathing while the guys were supposed to give us back massages. The instructor said something like "ladies, breathe like you do when you're going to sleep" or something like that and Geron said loudly to everyone "I'm sorry. I apologize in advance." Thats when I realized why they had told us to bring TWO pillows to the class. One was to lay on and the other was to hit your husband with when he made comments like that. SO I POPPED HIM ONE! Two points for me! BAM!

The class was very informative and I felt pretty good about what I knew going in. Most of the things my friends have told me about having babies have been accurate. Some of you could probably teach the class...ahem, Holly... excuse me. I learned a little more about the epidural--a very good thing, mind you, and it actually doesn't go into the baby's blood stream like other meds can do. I'm thinking I'll definitely get one, but I'll try to wait a while before getting it.

Another thing I discovered in the class that is nice to have during labor is one of those large exercise balls. I sat on one last night and it was the most comfortable thing I've sat on in the last 6 months. I doubt if I'll buy one for home--you can breathe now, Geron. The hospital has them available, so I'll just get one when I check in. By the way, the hospital is wonderful from what I can tell. To quote Eddie in Christmas Vacation, "Real nice, Clark." I love the fact that it can all be done in one room. AND I really liked the sign outside the room that said
That was a very nice sign to see as I'd been a bit worried about Geron and his digital camera and cell phone with camera. He's been threatened quite a bit about taking pictures anyway.

Last--the XBOX story, I believe, is a myth. I'd been told that men could take their xboxes to play in the rooms, but the nurse who taught the class said she hadn't heard anything about such occurances. So, I guess Geron's stuck with the Ipod. Maybe I'll take my handheld Yahtzee game if I can find it. There's a VCR and stereo in the room, too, but who are they kidding? People don't really watch movies while they're in labor, do they? And after labor, they're too tired and too busy with baby to even dream of watching a commercial!


Anonymous said...

You still haven't found that Yahtzee game??? I swear I didn't take it!! I left it on the little couch I think... maybe the big one, but somewhere in the living room. I am sorry you can't find it.. that would be fun to take to the hospital and keep yourself occupied with (although once everything gets going, you won't be doing anything but breathing!)

hope you find it soon.

We are meeting tonight to address invitations for your shower here..... fun fun fun

love you all!

Tooz said...

Sometimes it takes a long, long, time for things to get going, so yes, I would think people could watch a movie. Back in the olden days (as you titled that blog a while back), I remember thinking it would be nice if there was something to do in the labor room, and I do think I watched TV for a while, especially with Ann. I know the doctor and probably David watched the NCAA while I was in labor with you.

I would vote for Diary of a Mad Black Woman, myself, anything really, really funny that you've seen before. Yo mama, Rwoosbz.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Once the labor started getting going, everything got on my nerves. I couldn't stand the sound of people talking, the rustle of the bedsheets were so irritating that it made my teeth hurt, and under no circumstances could anyone actually touch me. The only thing that helped my nerves (and kept my mom from absolutely killing me) was my favorite instrumental tape by David Arkenstone. So you never know, the stereo might come in handy too!

Suze said...

does your hospital have a big tub for laboring in? i spent several hours of labor in the tub with a hot stream of water aimed at my lower back. that was really nice.

i spent a good part of my time at the hospital totally naked, come to think of it.

Lydia said...

Holly, don't worry about the Yahtze game. I think its in the Lego box upstairs. I know you don't have it.

I'm thinking if I take a movie to the labor room, it will probably be Steel Magnolias or Fried Green Tomatoes. TAWANDA!!!!! I've also considered the music option and have some songs in mind that I'll get downloaded to my MP3 player just in case.

Suze, as for nudity, I can't do it. Especially after watching the video last night. The hospital does have a "Serenity suite" which has a jacuzi in it. I doubt I'll go there since I don't care for hot tubs anyway--I know I'm weird like that. Probably just walking and bouncing on the ball for me. THats what I'm saying right now, at least. Once the epidural comes, the fun goes out the window.

Anonymous said...

not true... once the epidural comes, the fun starts. The pain ends, and you can enjoy getting your baby here! I am praying for a smooth delivery, as painless as is possible.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Okay, Paul Harvey. We knew the rest of the story for Monday night's childbirth class, but nothing since then. Please update! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Lyds, I'd recommend taking a book, especially if they induce. It could take a long while before things gear up and anything happens. I made it halfway through the fifth Harry Potter book while waiting for showtime.

And I do recommend the epidural, if nothing else than for the rest. Once your water breaks, it can start getting intense, and getting sleep during prolonged labor is difficult. If you think you will want it, tell them when you check-in. You may not go through with it, but it will be easier for them to have an anestheseologist on call than to try to find one later.