Friday, June 30, 2006

new church website

hey folks i know i haven't had a lot to say recently, been pretty busy. one thing I've been working on is our new church website. i've been getting it ready to go. We have some good folks based out of oklahoma doing our content management, but I've been working on the stuff that goes in it.

if you guys wouldn't mind; run over there and bang on it a little bit, so i can make sure there are no problems.

I showed a pastor friend across town how easy it was to use their interface and he signed up too.


Anonymous said...

Awesome job, Geron! If I were searching for churches in your community, and came accross that website, I'd visit your church for sure. Some of the things I liked best were the tools on the left (weather, Bible search, daily devotions), and the way you could scroll over the menu on top and see what was in each tab. That's really cool. Overall, I thought it was really user-friendly and welcoming. It's one of the best I've seen, and we've been looking at a lot of them lately. :-) I think it's awesome how you put so much of yourself into serving God and His kingdom.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty good, too. I sent the URL to Pastor Richard, our supposed computer geek at our church, not so much because I wanted his comments on it, but because I wanted him to see how much more he could get on our website. Love you.