Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Our baby is a champ!!! Doctor's words. We went in Friday for what we thought was going to be another ultrasound. Apparently we didn't listen as well as we had thought on Monday. Friday, I spent 15 minutes, at least, attatched to a monitor to see how baby was doing. BECAUSE of the low fluid levels on Monday, they did this just to make sure that SHE was okay. When 15 minutes of sitting in the best recliner I've ever sat in was up, Dr.K checked out the readout and said " She's doing good. Actually, she's a champ!" Very relieving to here.

As for fluid, today we go back for an ultrasound--yes, its definitely an ultrasound day today. So, I'll probably be drinking a little bit of caffeine on the ride over to wake her up and get her moving around. Fluid will be checked and baby's position will be checked. After this past week, I'm guessing that my fluid has probably gone up because I did really well with my water and keeping my feet propped up. (I'd lost a pound or two at the appointment on Friday--and I'm sure that was from my ankles!!) I even think our big six pounder has started to turn, possibly because I felt a kick in the middle of my tummy last night as opposed to the left side where she has LOVED practicing her soccer moves. So, today will bring good news, I hope.

Thank you all for your prayers this week. I have felt so good about what is going on, even if we have to go early. THe Lord has given me that peace that passes understanding and I know that things will be allright because He is in control of the situation. You would probably not believe it, but I've heard so much about c-sections this past week, that I'd almost RATHER have her that way. Well, good reports and the fact that I saw an episode of A BABY STORY where the little girl came out with a cone head!!! AND we remember seeing our little friend, Jake, after we was born by c-section---he was absolutely BEAUTIFUL--probably the most beautiful newborn WE'VE ever seen. Whatever the scenario, we know we're getting a wonderful little girl who will definitely be beautiful in our eyes!


ann said...

Praise God! Hey, does this mean you get to go to Sonic? Love you!

Tooz said...

Honey, I'm glad things are going okay for now. I hope the doctor's appointment goes well--don't forget to call me. I'll get off here so I can answer the phone. Love you.

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

Glad to know you're in good spirits, and that you know He's in charge.

Love ya bunches!