Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another prayer request for the baby and Preston

Family and Friends,

Many of you are aware that Geron’s dad has had a heart attack.  I wanted to update you on his situation first.  He was admitted to the hospital yesterday and had several tests run.  Today, after a heart-cath, his doctor determined that he would need to have quadruple bypass surgery.  His doctor, Dr.McCoy, is a very kind Christian man and we are so thankful that God chose to use him in our situation.  Dr.McCoy told us it is a miracle that Preston is even alive, that he is blessed.  He will be having the surgery either tonight or in the morning.  Please continue to keep him, Patsy, Sean and Geron in your prayers through this time. 


While this has been going on, we have also encountered a potential health problem with our baby boy.  I had a routine ultrasound yesterday and the technician noticed that one of the ventricals in the baby’s brain was dilated a bit.  My doctor referred me to a high-risk doctor to have it checked out.  We had the appointment today and the doctor noticed the same swelling.  He recommended an amniocentesis and we had it right away.  We should be getting test results on Friday of this week and will meet with the doctor again next Wednesday to discuss what the next steps are to be taken, if needed. 

What does this mean?  The high-risk doctor said the swelling could just be a boy-thing, apparently it appears more often in boys and can often pan out to nothing.  However, he also said it could be a sign of a chromosomal disorder such as down syndrome.  Another possibility could be an infection—for example, if I’d been sick at some point during the pregnancy, the baby could have contracted what I had and had a more severe reaction than I did.  We just don’t know, so the amniocentesis is going to help reveal a better idea of what is going on.  If the first test results we receive back, hopefully this Friday, indicate that things are normal, then there is a 90% chance that all other results will be normal.  We are praying for this to be the case. 


Please keep our family in your prayers during this time.  Amidst it all, Cora has an ear infection and needs special prayer, as well.  While each need healing, pray also for peace and comfort for Geron, his mom(patsy), his brother(sean) and Preston’s mother.  Pray especially for Geron as it seems he is being bombarded with so much right now.  I know we serve a good and loving Heavenly Father who is able to meet all our needs and bring miraculous healing.  We are hopeful and are trusting Him in all circumstances.  Thank you for your prayers… we appreciate all the calls and emails we’ve received so far.  We are very encouraged and thankful for all of you.  We love you.


Bird's Words said...

I am praying, and I am here. Let me know what you need. I love you... all of you!

heather honaker said...

lydia and geron,

you know i am praying for you, for your whole family. God always has a reason for everything, even if we can't see it or don't understand it. He is holding you in His arms right now. Love you!!