Monday, June 23, 2008

Sleep Talking

For eight years now, Geron has shared numerous stories with me of things I’ve told him in my sleep.  He learned early on how to tell if I was asleep by asking me specific questions.  One of his favorite stories to tell is of asking me when my birthday was—while sleeping. 
“Lydia, are you awake?”
“Lydia, are you awake?”
(groggily) “Yeah?”

“When’s your birthday?”

(so far so good)
“What day?”

“Go back to sleep”


Another time, he was leaving for work in the morning and I was still in bed. 

“Bye, honey, I’m leaving for work, “ said Geron.

“Bye” I respond, half asleep.
(to make sure I know he’s leaving)  “Lydia, I’m going to work now.  Are you going to be alright?”
“Yeah.  Bye, I love you….Donut”

“Lydia, do you know what you just said?”
“…yeah, I just said ‘Donut’ but I don’t know why.”


So all of this to just say that the past two days, I’ve talked in my sleep again.  Two nights ago it was (In a mommy tone)  “Cora, this is baby brother!”  “Look, it’s baby brother.”  “Don’t kick baby brother.”


And today I found out that I’m not the only one who talks in her sleep.  Last night, we spent the night with Geron’s mom.  She has two dogs I’ve mentioned in previous posts…Sugarbear and Tucker.  Cora loved getting playtime in with them last night and this morning.  This afternoon, I was on my way to the store with Cora buckled safely into her carseat in the back of the van.  I thought she was awake and turned around and asked her what song she wanted to sing.  She kicked her head back, eyes closed and said “Tutter!”  (Tucker) and then her head flopped back down and she mumbled “Shuhbeahhh”.  Too precious.  What are some fun questions to ask a toddler the answer to while they’re sleeping?


ann said...

Some people say she has her daddy's personality, but this just confirms what I think: she's just like her mommy!!