Thursday, June 19, 2008

Update on Preston

Once again, we are so thankful for each of you and your prayer support on behalf of Geron’s dad. It is 2p.m. our time and Preston has been taken in for prep for surgery. His surgery will begin at 3. If I haven’t informed you already, he is having quadruple bypass surgery. Dr.McCoy, his cardiologist, said Preston is a blessed man to even be alive at this point. We agree.

Geron has been staying at the hospital with his mom the past two days—at night he’s been home. We’ve been so thankful for all the visits, calls, flowers, and most importantly prayers that have been lifted up for Preston. Please keep praying. We feel it!! The Lord has given us His peace that transcends all understanding.

Preston’s surgery is scheduled to last at least 4 hours. Doctors will be updating the family regularly as they wait and I will do my best to keep you all informed of what is going on and how you can pray.

As for Cora and I , we are hanging in there while Daddy is at the hospital. Having the amnio yesterday, I wasn’t allowed to lift Cora or participate in anything very active for 24 hours. We have been blessed to have such wonderful help from our church family here in Chattanooga. Last night, we had a visit from our Pastor, Matt, to pray with us and offer encouragement. He and his family have been such an amazing gift to our church! Following, but with, him came our good friend, Carol, to sit with Cora and I until Geron could make it home. Carol read books and sang songs with Cora, gave her a bath, and put her to bed for me. And while the physical help was much appreciated, I was most thankful for her talking to me about her husband’s heart surgery and putting my mind at ease about what was going on. Thank you, Carol! Anna has such a wonderful Nanna!! Geron arrived home about 10:30 last night and, I think, he was able to get a full night’s sleep. If he wasn’t, he certainly didn’t let me know it. God has given him tremendous strength right now. Please continue to pray for him to rest in the Lord through this. This morning, our good friend and church secretary, “Aunt Becky”, came over and played with and cared for Cora and me. And again, while I was thankful for the lifting and picking up after Cora, I was more appreciative of her encouragement and listening ear. Becky, you and Tom have been a constant blessing to our family. Thank you. Please forgive me for what seems like an awards speech, but I must also mention our friend Samantha who was able to be there at the last minute for us yesterday to care for Cora during our doctor’s appointment and visit to the hospital. Cora was a very sick little girl with a middle ear infection, and Samantha, just took her and loved on her all day for us. She even endured some vomiting from Cora—that is love, people!!

We are so thankful that God has lead us to such a loving and giving church. We are thankful for the friends we’ve made throughout our lives who have continued to stand by us and be prayer partners with us from near and far. We are thankful for families who have raised us to trust the Lord in all circumstances and be there for us when we need them. We are thankful for a Heavenly Father who sees us, hears us, and intervenes, working out His good plan in our lives. We are blessed.