Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Morning Wake Up Call

We were awakened this morning by our lovely daughter who was yelling and talking to herself in her crib. We’ve grown accustomed to babble and jibber jabber with our names thrown in here and there, but this morning, Cora had a specific call. She was yelling “Shuh-bear! Shuh-bear!” For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is “Sugarbear”, Geron’s parents’ sharpei dog. Between calls for Sugarbear, we also heard “Tut Tut!”, which is Tucker, their Shih tzu. And of course, “YaYa”—which is what she calls Geron’s mother. I guess she was just dreaming about being at YaYa’s house. With all the yelling in the a.m., I was wishing she WAS at YaYa’s house.

The pic above is Cora and Tucker last August. I don't think we have one of her and Sugarbear.