Thursday, September 4, 2008

Family Togetherness

Here's a pic of the whole gang at Cora's most recent birthday party. We
had one at Chucky Cheese two/three weeks ago and then had another one at the
park this past weekend. It was nice having the whole family together for
once. My brother lives in the Chicago area and my sister and her husband
are in Franklin, just outside of Nashville. Ganny and Gimpaw (as Cora calls
my parents for now) live straight up I-75 about 5 hours away, in Georgetown
KY. So, yeah, it's not often that we all are together.

Cora is actually holding a piece of sidewalk chalk in this picture, but it
looks like she's using it as a microphone. Pretty much anything that
resembles the shape of a microphone, she will use as one. At home, it's the
toilet paper holder. I'm not sure whether I like it or the chalk better, as
she puts both in her mouth. AND YES, she actually has 2 real microphones at
home which also go in her mouth.