Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Sky Clouded Up and Rained On My Sunshine

We had a HORRENDOUS evening. I don't know what happened to Cora, but at 6 or 7 last night, she started whining and got progressively more upset. Neither Geron nor I could figure out what was wrong.

We tried several tactics to calm her. I put Cohen down and offered to hold her. She was not interested. Geron offered to hold her and take her to the potty. She went but was still upset. I put her in the bath--Cora is CRAZY about taking baths!--She stayed in long enough for me to wash her hair and then was fussing again, wanting out. I got her dressed and Geron put the Wonder Pets on for her. She held all of her Wonder Pets and watched the episode in a trance. Finally, she seemed to be okay.

At bedtime, Cora acted like her usual self and we thought we had made it through her rough spell unscathed, well, shuffled a little bit. We were wrong. Around midnight or so, we woke up to crying from her room. (Geron woke up, I should say..I am a very sound sleeper.) He was up on and off with her at least five times or so before 2 o'clock. Exhausted, he got back to sleep, I think. The next time she woke up, it was my turn. I got up on and off with her and finally ended up laying on her bed for a time. She would sleep, sit up and cry, lay back down and sleep again. When I thought she'd made it back to sleep, I went to bed. The evening wasn't over. Again, Geron got up with her and ended up giving her some medicine which I think finally helped her get some sleep.

As I post, it is 8:45 a.m. and Cora is still not up. I checked on her to make sure she was okay. Sound asleep. For a little girl who normally goes to bed at 9 and wakes up at 6:45 or 7, this is unusual. Even when she goes to bed late, she still wakes up at dark thirty. Please pray for Cora today, and us as we sleepwalk through our routines. I think Cohen is the only one in our house who got his usual amount of sleep. He's just fat and sassy. (Guess I shouldn't call a little boy 'sassy'.)


NCThorps said...

Do you think she might have an ear infection? Maybe laying down increased the pressure on her ear drum? Has her nose been runny? That happened one time with Anna Belle and sure enough, she had her first ear infection! I am so sorry for little Cora!!! We will be praying for your family! Miss you guys!

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

I was thinking the same thing, "sounds like an ear infection". Didn't you once mention that Cora had tubes in her ears? You may need to take her in to see her pediatrician to make sure the tubes aren't clogged, or coming out, or what have you.

Tooz said...

I know you just had Cora at the doctor last week, but I'm like everyone else and wonder if she is under the weather. I'm sorry she was a pain in the patoot last night. We do love you all.