Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Cora is learning to use good manners.  We’ve been pretty successful in teaching her to say please and thank you.  Granny and Grandpa even taught her ‘you’re welcome.’  One night I’d given Cora something and was trying to get her to say ‘thank you’.  I asked “What do you say?”  I think she was on manner-overload because I got a “Please! You’re Welcome!” in return.  She’s also picked up “excuse me” which she uses consistently when she is trying to get by someone.  Still needs work on using it after a belch or toot. “Bless you” is also something we’ve been working on.  Cora will bless you after a sneeze as well as proceeding hiccups, toots, and belches.


Most recently, we have been trying to teach Cora “yes, ma’am” and “yes sir”.  Like most little ones, Cora hasn’t quite got gender specification down yet.  She often says “yes, ma’am, Daddy” and “yes, sir, Mommy”.  Last night I got really tickled when Geron was trying to be serious with Cora and she said very solemnly “yes sir ma’am.”  I guess we have a ways to go there, but it sure is fun watching her learn.