Friday, September 19, 2008

I need more...

Cora recently learned a new phrase and is using it on an everyday basis now.  I think our friend, Jenna, may have taught it to her because the night she kept the nursery was when we first noticed Cora saying it.  “I need more” she said.  Not just “Pweez”, “Cora bite” or “Cora have it” but decipherable English and correct grammar “I need more”. 

As we were on the road this past week, Cora put her new phrase to good (and cute) use quite frequently.  “I need more water, Mommy.”  “I need more Gatorade, YaYa.”  “I need more French fries, Daddy.”  On the way home, out of the blue, Cora said “I need doughnut, Daddy.  I need doughnut, PaPa.  I need doughnut, YaYa.”  We, of course, found it pretty amusing and did NOT get her a doughnut—she certainly didn’t need more of those. 


The kicker came at Wednesday night bedtime.  Our immediate family was sleeping in the living room at Geron’s great-aunt’s house.  We had an air mattress on the floor for Cora, and Geron had stretched out beside her on it.  They said bedtime prayers, gave hugs, high-fives, etc.  Geron gave her a sugar and then one of those sweet, precious, unforgettable moments happened.  The kind of moment that makes your heart melt…you want to hit the rewind button on the remote…you want to make time stand still.  A precious little groggy voice said “I need more sugar, daddy.” 


“I need more sugar, Daddy.”  I’m just Mommy and it didn’t happen to me, but I still caught a glimpse of sweetness and it gives me hope.  As I watch Cora grow and go through the phase the world refers to as “terrible two’s”, I hold on to this moment as tightly as I can because it’s proof that there is still a loving little girl somewhere behind the defiant personality.   I will continue to hold on to this moment for years to come…I have a feeling it will be an incredible source of strength when we hit the pubescent stage of life. 


“I need more…”  I don’t stop to consider often enough how the Lord uses our children to teach us.  So simply and boldly Cora comes to us and says “I need more…” and if it’s good, we give it to her without hesitation.  We want to give Cora good things and lots of them.  How much more does God want to give us?  All we have to do is ask.  What do you need more of?


ann said...

I need more of the Brown family. That is a precious story. I am amazed at Cora--not just at how much she's growing and learning, but at how she is becoming such a kind person.

Holdens said...

Hey I found your blog..I love it and I am so glad we got to spend time together!