Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sleep Talking/Walking

I probably started talking in my sleep the week I was born, really.  All I know is my parents, my middle school Sunday School teacher, my college friends, and my husband can all testify to crazy things I’ve apparently said and even done in my sleep.  This week’s rest time was no exception.


I, being the very sound sleeper that I am, have tended to sleep through Cohen’s crying spells until Geron has practically kicked me out of bed to check on him.  One night this week, I got up with the baby and sat on the side of my bed rocking the baby.  The baby just would not stop crying.  Geron asked me what was wrong and said I replied “I don’t know where Cora’s bottles are.”  That prompted him to sit up in bed and see what was going on.  He said “Lydia, wake up!”  THE BABY I thought I was rocking and patting was my pillow.  Cohen was crying in his bassinet/play yard.  Needless to say, I quickly got up and fed him after that. 


And that wasn’t the only night this week…another evening I got up after Geron shoved me awake.  The baby kept crying and Geron said “What’s the matter?”  “I can’t find Cora.”  Again, he had to make sure I was awake and then I was able to care for Cohen. 


It’s a very good thing Geron works in town.  I would never make it as a single mom.


ann said...

That is hillarious. A little scary, but hillarious. I fell back asleep this morning with my breakfast bowl in my lap and was dreaming about being worried about taking care of Cora, when Daniel woke me up. Is that strange, or what?

ann said...

This still makes me laugh every time I think about you rocking your pillow.

Tara said...

I've heard plenty of stories about the strange things Bubba has said and done in his sleep! Can't think of any right now, but they're there somewhere!

Geron Brown said...

Tara, you're suggesting it's a family thing?