Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saving Doughnuts

Sunday morning, a friend of ours brought doughnuts to church and included some of our favorites in the batch.  Sunday evening, there was a box leftover with one of each of our favorites and a glazed.  As we were about to leave the church, I took the blueberry one out and split it amongst the pastor’s daughters and myself.  Then, Geron gave the glazed to one of the girls as well.  He saved his old-fashioned for home. 


When we got home, Geron put the box of one doughnut on the counter and we went to the living room to sit down and unwind.  Awhile later, as we were into BIG BROTHER, Cora walked into the living room eating a doughnut.  We looked at each other as to say “Did you give her that?”  Geron took the doughnut away from her and took it back to the kitchen.  He put it back in the box and moved it to the top of the stove.  He and Cora came back to the living room and he sat down and reclined in his chair.  Cora continued to play as we returned to finding out who Dan would nominate for eviction. 


A little while later, Cora came into the living room again with THE doughnut.  She piped up so brightly “I got it, Daddy!  I got your doughnut!” as she ate it in front of him.  He asked “Cora, should you be eating Daddy’s doughnut?”  Sweetly, she answered “YEAH!”  (By this time I was practically rolling on the floor in tears from laughing so hard.) This time, instead of taking the doughnut—what was left of it—back to the kitchen, Geron went ahead and ate it.  I think he gave Cora a piece. 


I need to have her determination!  Things out of her reach, she doesn’t consider out of her reach until she’s tried everything possible to obtain them.  God uses her to teach me every day and often I don’t recognize Him doing it.  Thanks for the lesson, Lord.  And Cora, keep your hands off the doughnuts!



Disclaimer: For any of you who are concerned that Cora didn’t have any doughnut, she had some bites of one at church earlier and also ate quite a bit of the one she’d confiscated. 


NCThorps said...

YOU CRACK ME UP!! First of all, it is so funny to find out you guys watch big brother!! :) Also, the old fshioned doughnuts are Jacob's favorite too! I think our kids have go-go gadget arms or something!!

Anonymous said...

I should have guessed that you guys were still addicted to Big Brother. Up next ... Survivor: Gabon! Well, I'm glad Cora enjoyed her doughnut :)

P.S. Go Dan!

ann said...

That reminds me of a student I had at my old school. We used to set out a snack at each seat, and some of the kids arrived later than others, so their snack would be waiting for them when they came in. One day I saw a girl sitting in front of an empty napkin and eating cheerios from the napkin next to her. I said, "Eva, we only eat one snack." She said, "I just sharin." I said, "No, because that friend isn't here yet and hasn't said you could have some." She went back to eating the cheerios and kind of shrugged one shoulder and said it again, matter of factly to herself, "I just sharin'." I guess Cora was sharin' daddy's doughnut that he'd put out of reach. I love it that she even said it was his doughnut!!!

heather honaker said...

ha! that sounds like something jos will be doing in the next few months, i'm sure. i have some good stories to share about her, that's for sure!