Friday, July 22, 2005

back and better than before

Today it's random musings that have been going through my head over the past few days.

The new Harry Potter was very good, very eventful. no spoilers here

It's funny how some people have become a little paranoid since I have begun blogging(you know who you are). I think they believe that I will use this to slam them. I might buy one of these to give folks fair warning

I survived Gatlinburg, and didn't even buy an airbrush tshirt. Got some great pics that I will post over at flikr soon. I really missed being able to blog while on vacation.

One of the best things about vacation was playing "settlers of catan" almost every night with Everett my brother-in-law who introduced us to it. It's new to me(I know I've been living in a hole), but so fun that I had to pick it up on the way home.
We've got houseguests coming this weekend. Ben & Bekah are two of our greatest friends and we love nothing more than hanging out and playing games. However, if I've had too much garlic, it becomes pure agony.


Anonymous said...

Dude... don't bring up bad [garlic] memories. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

welcome back. we missed you.

Anonymous said...

Who's the one with the big eyes and buckteeth?

Anonymous said...

that's cousin henry