Friday, July 1, 2005


I was talking to my friend jack the other day about acrostics. We both agreed that we weren't particularly fond of them, and that the church uses them, way too much.

I remember way back in college when I was a part of the Baptist Student Union(great site!) leadership team on campus. Each spring before we went home for the summer we would have a brainstorming and planning session in preparation for the upcoming year. One of the many things we would discuss was the theme for the year. Every time they always wanted to make it an acrostic. Suggesting that it not be an acrostic was viewed to be a crime in the same category as beating up on the handicapped or something.

I guess this trend goes back a long way. Many times in Old Testament scripture they would use them as teaching aids for memorization. In Psalm 119 each verse starts with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet. So I imagine this acrostic thing will be with us for quite a while.

I think we should get rid of all of them and only keep "ROY G BIV".


Anonymous said...

What clown came up with those BSU themes? I bet he is W.I.L.D.

Anonymous said...

that's hilarious whoever linked to sweatpants, i doubt it's actually Kevin

Anonymous said...

I did not realize Kevin had his own website...totally awesome...Geron...I need to give you a call but lost your phone it to me and I'll give you a call...I am Mark and the blizzard is coming

Anonymous said...

what are you guys making fun of!? the bsu was on T.N.T. !!!!!

ps..kevin, is that really you?