Friday, July 8, 2005

this might explain a lot

I offer the following picture as evidence in the support of the following two statements

#1 My mother always wanted a baby girl. sure she loved me and is a great mom, but sometimes the truth slipped out. By the way thanks dad for letting her do this to me

#2 Contrary to popular opinion, I wasn't always rotund


Anonymous said...

Funny, I had an outfit almost exactly like this one, but it was a dress and it had a hat.

You've always been cute.

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton would say
"That's hot."

Anonymous said...

I'm easily amuzed...When you drag the pointer over your picture it becomes a hand with the pointer finger sticking up. I put it right under your nose and that made the picture even more hilarious. I'm guessing you knew at that age what your mom had done to you by making you wear such an outfit. You look happy in all your other pictures.