Friday, July 29, 2005

very proud

Other than the fact that the laptop network card went kaplooiey and I was without internet, the week was great. The assembly in Knoxville is over until next year. I was asked to lead in worship for the missions convention on Wednesday and it went well. The real highlight of the week for me was getting to be there for my dad's ordination as an elder into the Church of the Nazarene. Although Dad has been ministering for several years now, he just recently finished the course work to become an ordained elder. It was a great service. Dr. Talmadge Johnson, one of the General superintendents of the church led in the ordination service and rite. Ironically, My pawpaw Brown Served under Dr. Johnson's father in the Duncan, Oklahoma church many many years ago. It was a pretty special occasion for my family. My Grandmother and great aunt came in from Oklahoma, as well as two of my dads brothers from Louisiana for all of the festivities. It was an extra treat to get to sing in the service. Dad wanted me to sing "In Christ Alone", so I did. It's His favorite song.

Afterward we all went to O'Charleys for a celebration. Our waiter, who had been in the choir at Lee University, sang to dad after a little prodding. It was real fun.

here's a link to all of the pictures