Wednesday, July 13, 2005

humpday haiku

TiVo on the way
bedroom will also rewind
UPS brings joy

Yeah, I'm amped! We took advantage of a special deal that TiVo had going. If you buy a year of service, you get a free TiVo box. I ordered it monday night, and it will be delivered today. Now we have "His" and "Hers" TiVo's.

what "His" will record
Star Trek, Mythbusters, Family Guy, Big Brother 6, Good Eats(food network), American Chopper, Iron Chef, and of course Seinfeld

what "Hers" will record
Smurfs and Lifetime Movies with titles like: "She Said No", "My Husband Beats Me" , "My Daughter: The Tramp", and "He Said He'd Stop: My Husband Beats Me 2"

I don't get it. She loves these movies. They all begin with a beautiful woman with a promising career or a member of her family being victimized. And they all end the same way. "We the jury, find the defendant guilty on all charges" cue the emotional celebration


Anonymous said...

Hey. Nice to see you on flickr!!

And Lifetime movies rock. Almost as much as daytime soap operas.

Anonymous said...

Texas: hot, hot, hot
maybe sleep will happen soon
until then more work

Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch a Lifetime movie than see Jaxina or whatever her name is jump into someone else's body every other week on "Star Trek Voyage to the Home Planet of the Robot Lizard People."

I bet you've never even watched a Lifetime movie all the way through.

Here's your Haiku:

Jaxina is gay
Star Trek is for aliens
Watch it on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Adoption Story
and mysterious specials
are on HER tivo.

Eat it, Emeril!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with you--you linked Lifetime movies...You watch them when I'm asleep, don't you?

By the way "My Husband Beats Me" and "She said NO:My Husband Beats Me Two" have allready been made into a movie and it's called