Sunday, February 26, 2006

Starting to show

I guess by posting this I'm admitting that I am starting to show. Well, I
can tell a difference anyway. I've been trying to dress in a way that hides
my bulge, as I have been trying to dress this way for the past two years
anyway! But now, supposedly my bulge is cuter because there is a baby
behind it. We'll see. I haven't broken down and bought maternity clothes,
YET, but I see them in the very near future.

So, here's what has triggerred this post. When we FIRST told people we were
going to be parents, a certain family member of mine (who I love dearly)
told me about two weeks after that time that I was starting to show. I was
EXTREMELY offended because I KNEW all that was showing was the fat that I
had put on in the last 2 years and nothing more. (Come on, the baby was
only the size of a small grape at that time.) It took me about a month to
deal with that comment, I think, oh, I guess it sounds like I'm probably not
over it. I need to work on that. WELL, that was when I wasn't showing.
Now, by admitting that I'm showing a little, I'm giving people permission to
say something about it if they notice and feel lead to say something. (FAT
is not the right word to use however, so keep that in mind.) On Friday,
our sweet sweet custodian at school told me that she thought I was starting
to show. This was different then the above mentioned incident as I AM
starting to show now and I could take it. Plus, I think I purposely was
trying to show on Friday anyway. It makes me feel more like a mommy, i

I have a goal in this physical part of the adventure to gain only 20 pounds
or less as I am allready over weight by about 50 pounds. (I'm not
exaggerating) It is safe for me to gain only 15 pounds for the baby to be
perfectly healthy. Besides, I'm going to be carrying most of the weight all
through the summer and the less I weigh, the cooler I'll be, I'm hoping.
(I'm really going to miss swimming pools this summer, so I'm starting a
wading pool fund for our backyard. Probably need to start a privacy fence
fund as well.)

Anyway, I have an official bulge now and am learning to not be offended when
someone comments on it. All I ask, is if you're around me and a stranger
should reach their hand out towards my stomach, grab their arm and twist it
behind their back really fast.


heather honaker said...


let me warn you. maternity clothes are ADDICTING. once i started buying them when i was pregnant with molly, i couldn't stop! every time i walked by a "motherhood maternity" store, i had to stop in. i loved them!

and good luck on the weight goal. i had the same goal, but.............
didn't quite achieve it. but you know what? i was pregnant, and that gave me the excuse to eat whatever, because i was HUNGRY!

Scott said...

After a couple of close calls and me feeling like almost utter crap, I've stopped asking women if they're pregnant.

Lydia said...

Scott, you're hilarious!!

Heather, I am so struggling with what to get. I got a penney's catalog a few weeks ago and they have so MUCH cute stuff and I can't afford all that I would like to have. UGH!!! AND, I don't want to spend a lot of money on something that I'm not going to be wearing the next couple of years. (Granted, I might want to wear maternity clothes in another year or two, but other than that, they'd do me only some good for only a little while.)

Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

When I was pregnant with Jamethan and money was very short, I could often find very cute, very gently used maternity clothes as thrift shops, Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc. In most cases, the clothes haven't been worn for very long (I mean, probably 6 months at most) and haven't had a chance to get too worn.

I also suggest these places for the baby's clothes until he/she reaches the age of 18! I have always made it a point the buy the majority of Jamethan's clothes used; clothes strictly for church, school and special occassions are usually the only things I buy new. But since I moved to San Antonio, I've even been able to find him a lot of really nice clothes at Goodwill and thrift stores. A lot of them still have the original price tags on them!

Happy hunting!

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