Monday, April 10, 2006

that's my fun day

Spring has sprung in the heart of big G.

Today on my day off, and I did our taxes. It was super fun. We had four W-2's this year. One was mine, and 3 were Lydia's. For some reason I couldn't find the one from the daycare Lydia worked at last year for a while. Lucky for me, my dad happens to be the bookeeper for it, so I hauled it over to him to get a copy of the missing W-2.

My errands took more time than expected today, and I was a little bummed because I wanted to try out the disc golf course near the house. When we lived on the other side of town, I used to drive about thirty minutes down into Georgia to play at a beautiful course on top of Lookout Mountain. It has real open fairways and great views. I had heard rumors for a while that they were building a new course in Chattanooga. Now that we live on the other side of town the new course is only about 7 minutes away. Lydia had a PTA thing at school tonight so i decided to play while she was at that. I would prefer not to play by myself, but I need the exercise, so I went anyway.

The course is called "the sinks "(links to a pdf of course), because there are a large number of sinkholes spread throughout the 18 holes. It's very wooded, and the entire course was pretty much hacked out of the middle of a forest. The sink holes are pretty stable and make for great hazards. One of the baskets is located at the end of a long fairway on top of a rise. It looks easy, but if you overthrow the chains your disk winds up at the bottom of a 10 foot deep 20 feet across sinkhole. The tee boxes aren't paved, but most have a good layer of chipped bark. There are two per hole one for advanced players and one for novices. I kinda mixed it up a bit. A good time was had, and I intend to spend many more days there. I didn't keep score, but actually did pretty well, I didn't get lost between holes, and actually brought all of my discs home. yeaaaah!!!


Anonymous said...

sounds fun. that GA course is really nice (at least the scenery is nice) but i can't wait to try this new one sometime. maybe we can even get some of the guys from my house down there to play one day.

Anonymous said...

Call me. I want to play!

I'm hooked. I played a course up near mom's twice within a 24 hour period and had a blast!

Anonymous said...

I just look at the PDF, the course looks tough, but fun.