Thursday, June 15, 2006

Java refill

I should add, for my friend, Heather, that at the beginning of this pregnancy, I often felt the urge to puke at the smell of coffee. Our teacher's lounge always has coffee brewing in the mornings, and sometimes the coffee maker gets left on throughout the day. Smelling it in the morning was one thing, but smelling burnt coffee in the afternoon was much worse. I think it was probably the middle of the second trimester when I could start handling the smell of coffee again, and just lately I've started craving pretty much anything from Starbucks. I've yet to go, though.


ann said...

sister, i wish you lived closer to me. i wish we could spend lots of time much that i annoyed you to tears. remember when we used to make tapes in teh basement and laugh so hard and mom and daddy would say, "you're having too much fun down there" and i thought they were serious. that's all i have to say.

ann said...

well, i'll tell you my coffee drink, too. i like to mix milk, creamer, ice cubes, ovaltine powder, instant coffee powder, and sometimes sugar (even though the ovaltine has plenty) in the blender and drink frothy cold chocolate coffee drinks. that's what i do when i crave chocolate or need a little caffiene. yum. the air bubbles are the best part.

Becca said...

When it hits winter time, pour a packet of cocoa powder in a coffee mug, and fill it with coffee instead of water. Add some creamer if you like, but it's awesome.

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