Monday, August 21, 2006

Congratulations, Ann!!

I think Ann, my sister, is going to win the poll on the baby's birthdate and time, unless others have posted and I just haven't seen them yet.    We are scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday, August 23rd at noon.  We wanted to go to the hospital that is right beside my doctor's office, but they are allready booked up for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  So, we'll be across town from there in a hospital that is supposed to be just as nice, and some say nicer. 
Our ultrasound showed us a BIG baby.  Well, a little bigger than average anyway.  She is probably going to weigh around 8 1/2 pounds.  Our technician projected her to be 8 lbs 10 oz, but she said that she might be guessing just a little big.  Little Miss passed her "physical" with an A+.  I'm so proud! Her first A!!!  Her lungs and heart both looked good and fingers and toes appeared to be there, as well.  She is definitely still sideways.  The fact that she won't probably turn and that the doctor predicted her to be a week ahead of what we had orginally thought would be her due date are the main reasons we're having her Wednesday. 
We did the nesting thing this weekend--cleaned like crazy, did laundry, bought last minute needs, packed hospital bags, etc.  We are ready for her.  Our house is ready for her.  Our van is ready for her.  Church and school are ready for her.  And definitely our families and friends are ready for her!!  What we, or should I say "I" am not ready for is SURGERY.  I've heard lots of good things about "c" s, but the fact is Surgery is still surgery.  Please pray for me this week.  I know my Jesus is Good and faithful, but I am still scared.  My mom and Dad and Geron's mom and dad are going to be at the hospital that day, so I hope to see them and visit with them before I go in.  I think that will help a lot and Geron will go in the OR with me.  As long as he doesn't tell me what's going on behind the sheet, we'll be fine. 
Tomorrow night, I think we're going to go to a late night showing of a movie because I doubt either of us will be able to sleep.  Its our last date as non-parental units.  I don't know if either of us really realizes what is about to hit us, but we are definitely looking forward to it! 


Jenn-Jenn, the Mother Hen said...

You'll be fine. And you never, know, you may sleep like a baby knowing exactly when it BG will be coming into the world. No uncertainty and having to wait for her to decide to come out!

Love ya bunches, and praying for you bunches!

Tooz said...

I have changed my vote--please check the blog to see the new time.

Your anonymous friend,
Gpjm Slop

heather honaker said...

yay! i can't wait to see baby girl! i'm so glad you guys got your gift, and i can't wait to see how beautiful she is!

congratulations mom and dad!

Anonymous said...

Wow.. in a mere 39 hours, you will be meeting your baby girl! THat is awesome~~
I pray God blesses you both with His perfect peace as you wait these longest hours. i love all three of you!

Lydia said...

MOm, if you really want a free diaper change, you can have lots of them. But you're not allowed to change your vote. I'm sorry, but Ann beat you fair and square. BUT, you get to be at the hospital first to see baby! There' a real prize!